Monday, July 18, 2011

Why I almost got divorced over Starbucks.

Gnomie and I were Going to the hospital so I could be induced to have Budge. It was ridiculously early in the morning, and I was told to eat a small meal before I got to the hospital. Clearly, that meal had to come from Starbucks.

Gnomie was driving and I informed him of the urgent need to take me to a Starbucks. He looked at me like I was more psycho than usual, and informed me that Starbucks was closed. I cheerfully told him that the one on Hosmer was 24 hours. High on endorphins and lack of sleep, he proceeded to explain that there was no such thing, and he didn't know where I was talking about. Now, I am rarely wrong, and pretty much never wrong about Starbucks. A blow up on par with Mt. St. Helens ensued. I started crying and accused him of not loving me for denying me the last wish I had before I brought his daughter into this world, and he freaked out for having a psycho pregnant wife screaming and crying over a mocha. The battle continued with me telling him to go to the Hosmer Starbucks, and him screaming that he didn't know what I was talking about, partially because a crying, screaming, sleep deprived pregnant woman makes no sense.

Finally, I make him stop the car, and I tell him to get out. He refuses, so I was left to inform him that I would walk to the hospital unless he got out of the car. The man stopped the car and got out. I get in the drivers seat, lock the doors, and cry, all while contemplating whether to leave him standing there while I get my coffee and have my freaking baby. I had never wanted anything so much as I wanted to drive off in that moment, that mocha was the most important thing in the world. He deserved to be left behind over the evil he had done. He was a horrible, mean man who didn't deserve to go with me.

Images of sitting alone in the hospital flashed through my head. I pictured the nurses being bewildered by the absent father, and I was prepared to explain we broke up because he kept me from coffee. I debated what I should put on the birth certificate, after all, if the jerk didn't get me a mocha, and didn't come to the hospital because I stranded him, he didn't deserve to have his name on that certificate, maybe Starbucks did.

Somehow, rationality hit long enough for me to allow him back into the car. I triumphantly drove to the 24 hour Starbucks gloating as we drove up and cars sat waiting in the drive through. Snarkily, I tell him I'd get him a coffee, but they were closed, and I pointed out numerous times the open Starbucks. I ordered my treasured coffee, and reluctantly order his as well. I pulled out of the Starbucks and he looks at me and says "If you had said the name of the other cross-street, I would've known what you meant."

I glared at him and headed toward the hospital. Midway there, the coffee set in, and I realized how insane the whole scenario had become. We both ended up laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation, and happily went to have our daughter. It's a good thing he loves me.

That is how Starbucks almost ended my marriage.

And the mocha was the best mocha I have had in my life. Totally worth it.

Five things...

Five interesting, or not so interesting things about me...

1. I have three kids, two girls. Cakes is six and budge is two. Cakes is the toughest kid I have ever seen. She walked full force into a railing one time and it echoed over the sound of the football game, she rubbed her head and kept walking. When she was little, if she hurt herself, she would reenact the incident like instant replay. Budge is the sweetest thing, but is a little princess, she wants everything her way, and hates the cold, wet and sun. She gets mad if it is her eyes and asks me to turn it off. Ryan is twenty and has a bird tattoo. Every time I see him I want to yell "put a bird on it!".

2. I like to cook, and I like nice tools in the kitchen. Ryan almost died one time because he used a brand spanking new pan to make eggs. He out the pan on high, got it real hot, and threw an egg in. Apparently, nuclear fission occurred, and the egg was permanently welded to the pan. I'm going to give it to him if he ever marries. Maybe I'll turn it into a collage.

3. I have an addiction to Starbucks. I love it, and it loves me back. I can never remember what i order because i just have to show up and the right drink ends up in the cup.I was an original gold card member, when the card was black. My new gold card says member since 2006.

4. I like watching Ice Road Truckers in the summer. It makes me feel less hot when they say it is thirty below. I love the white out conditions. I like the snow, and I like driving. If I ever run away, I won't join the circus, I'll go to Alaska to truck.

5. My husband is amazing. I love him. He is loving, fun and incredibly supportive. He is also older than dirt, short and bald. I remind him of that every day. I think he likes it. He looks like a garden gnome, and refuses to let me dress him as one. He climbed Mt. Rainier, raced cars, raced sailboats, and danced in a follies group that performed at the White House for Reagan (see...OLD). A few of the numbers made him dress like a woman, and one made him a gay pirate. His picture is on the Victorian Country Christmas program. I wouldn't believe half the crap he says he's done, but he has the pictures to prove it. So I love an old, cross dressing, gay pirate, bald garden gnome, and I call him gnomie. I really don't know why he puts up with me, except he can't cook, and he likes our daughter. I am pretty sure he likes me too. Which is pretty awesome, because he's my gnomie.

Scrappy Stuff

Here are some layouts I have done. I love to scrapbook. My favorite scrapbooking item is paper, because there are so many kinds. Typically, I hand letter, although I do have a scrappy friend who is generous with her Cricut.

I started scrapping when my oldest dd, Cakes was born. My neighbor drug me to a Creative Memories party. I still have a soft spot for CM stuff, mostly tools and punches. I am lucky to have some awesome Scrapook stores near me.

Scrapbook Nook, in Kent, Wa is fabulous. It has a ton of paper, tools, embellishments, and anything you can think of. Definitely a must visit if you are in the area. They have a 1/2 wall play area which is perfect if you have kids along for the trip. They also have a large cropping space.

Paper Muse in Sumner, Wa is a cute store. They had a lot of 7 Gypsies stuff, and other items in the same sort of style. The store has a boutique feel, and not so kid- friendly, but a great spot to visit. They had a wide selection of inks and some hard to find items.

Scarlett Empress in Olympia, Wa is growing on me. At first glance, they don't have much, but their setup is such that items are organized by theme, so it definitely takes time to browse. They are incredibly helpful, and they have a ribbon section to die for.

Srcrap That! In Tacoma has changed location three times. I was unimpressed with the selection, and the staff was unfriendly at best. I haven't stopped by their newest location, so I should give it another chance.

I was not compensated in any way for visiting these stores.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You Are Keeping Yourself FromIt

Opportunity occurs every day. How many times do you self-select out of an opportunity? If you see your perfect job do you put together your best application and hope for the best? Or do you think that you aren't good enough and not even try?

Some things are worth turning away from. A friend asked me to join an affiliate of Amway a few years ago. No thanks. I don't regret that decision, for me, it wasn't the opportunity that I wanted. Choosing not to take an opportunity is different than allowing your self-doubt to take it away.

Sometimes, the hardest part of doing something new is getting past your internal voice. In
"Linchpin" Seth Godin talks about the lizard brain. The lizard brain likes the status quo because it feels safe. In many cases, the threat of failure is far less than the perception. If you paint a painting, write a book, or try to bake bread, and it turns out terribly, what is the real threat? Mostly, wasted time or effort. For the most part, no one knows about the failure. If you try a thousand times, again the only failure is to yourself. There isn't a scoreboard, and there isn't really a huge audience.

What about that job? Sure, there are a few people that might know, but honestly, they aren't thinking about you as a person as a failure. Your application might be reviewed, and it might be selected, or it may not. The person screening the application is not judging anything but the qualifications of the applicants to the qualifications needed for the position. If you interview, the team wants you to be a great interview. As challenging as the questions may be, they are not hoping you fail.

As I write this, my six-year old asked me what I am doing. I told her I was writing for my blog. She said "For you?" Yes sweetie, for me. As much as I hope someone reads this, I am doing this for me. Because it makes me uncomfortable. Because it hurts a little when no one reads it. Ultimately, because it doesn't matter. If this post goes off into the Internet forever never to be seen, the only pain is that which I cause myself. Growing beyond the fear of failure and the chains of self-doubt is a struggle worth having.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Time Competitor

I am participating in an American Crafts challenge. I am not winning. The victory is in trying. I put something out there, and it feels good to be trying. If you read this and want to play, go to the American Crafts Facebook page and "like" your favorite. Mine is titled "the Slab".

For fun, try something you haven't done and enjoy the process!

Friday, July 8, 2011

iPad blogging

The thing about blogging is consistently adding quality content. Apparently, the iPad is not necessarily the device to use for blogging. I am trying it out to see what happens.