Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Wow! I won for a Mid-week mojo at I am so excited to have my page featuring my daughter and Basic Grey pictures on their blog. You can check out their link below, it was totally random, but still fun! Thank you Scrapbook Steals.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Lay it out

Back to School

I made this tag to label Cake's backpack with all the information her school requires.  I used the Indie Bloom collection from Basic Grey, which fits her personality perfectly.  I sealed the card with acrylic medium, and used heavy duty eyelets so it wouldn't fall apart. 

When a coffee is more than a coffee

I think the beauty in a gift or a RAK is the thought, and then the delivery.  An altered sleeve and a card make a cup of coffee for a friend a lot more special.  I like the altered sleeve because it isn't too lumpy and still easy to grab.

I used Basic Grey Sweet Threads collection for these items.


The pumpkin patch we go to is small, cute and fun.  There is a corn maze, and a slingshot.  Going in a corn maze with a preschooler is an adventure.  For Cakes, the cleared path was meaningless, she wanted to wander through the stalks of corn, which of course were muddy.

Luckily, she loved the pumpkins and wanted to buy them all.  We talked her down to a more reasonable five, which she happily loaded into the wheelbarrow herself.  Double R Farms will open again in a month, and I can't wait for this year's trip. 

This layout uses Basic Grey Out of Print paper as the background, and their halloween embellishment as the pumpin. The letters and buttons are also Basic Grey.

One six year old, one iPhone, 87 photos later...

This layout is a celebration of Cake's obsession with my iPhone.  When I first got it, many a conversation was had that began "Mommy, can I have your phone?" as I was in the middle of reading email, calling the United Nations, or curing cancer.  Or Facebook.  Probably Facebook. 

In the car, she would ask for the phone, and we would hear the "click click" of the camera.  Of course, a six year old's answer to "What are you taking pictures of" ends with the inevitable "Nothing."

It was common for me to find her random photos on my phone.  It was even more common for her to sneak it away from me if I wasn't paying attention, usually getting caught by the theme to "Angry Birds"

This particular photo, is one of a series of 87 that she took of herself in one sitting using the front-facing camera on the phone. Like a flipbook, these photos show the transition of her moving from one funny face to the next.  I want to scrap all 87, but I settled on this one, because it captured her, the stolen phone, and her faces so well.  So the photo credit on this one goes to Cakes.

Goomba- AKA the cakes!

I swear that Cakes was put on this green earth to knock me down a peg.

Here is a layout I did with Basic Grey papers.  This is of Cakes, my oldest, in her "tiggerpooh" costume.  Little lady lived in this costume every day, and loved to run in the yard with it.  Everybody thought it was so cute, except mommy!

It was August, and 90 degrees outside, and my goomba daughter wants to wear this hot costume.  So, I looked like a bad mother, letting her swelter in the heat, and she, well she looked like a tiggerpooh. We would go to the grocery store, and people would look at her, laugh and then look at me and glare, as if I was some freakazoid that thought that trick or treat was in August, and that the costume was normal clothing to be worn everywhere.  She continued to wear the costume for months, and slept in it most nights, by Halloween, it looked like a hand-me down.  That year, she was too sick to trick or treat, she had her first fever ever.  I spent Halloween with a little tiggerpooh curled up on the recliner sleeping.  The neighbors felt bad and brought her candy.  I'm glad she wore it out everywhere that summer, because she didn't get the chance on Halloweeen.

Paper Flowers

It seems like 20's style headbands are everywhere, and paper flowers are everywhere in scrapbooking. Look at my beautiful girl sitting there so pretty.  She was kind enough to model the paper flower headband I made her.  There is a little iridesence to the flower, which compliments the Basic Grey paper very nicely.  The back of this paper was white (boo!) but their new collections are all two-sided! Yay! 

Trying to get a sweet picutre with Cakes is nearly impossible.  She started out upside down on the steps in her dress.  I had a lovely view of her new panties.  "Cakes! Sit on your bottom!"
"I AM mommy!"
"I meant the right way, not upside down with your underwear showing"
"They aren't showing, I can't see them." as her dress covers her head.  Then we commence with the goofy smiles, and begging to see every picture immediately after taking it. What would she have done in the 80's when you had to wait till it developed?
To make the flower I used a circle template and cut five different size circles.  Then, I cut 1/3 of the way into the circles six times, creating 7 petals.  I rounded the edges of the "corners" of the petals, and then used some watered-down acrylic paint to add some color to the backs, and iridescence to the fronts.  Stack the cirles, adhere, add a beautiful button, and you have a headband!

You can put it on a bag too, but I think that my daughter is cuter!  The first picture was after many goofy faces and me begging her to look the other way!

Wine Tags

Fun wine tags to mark a favorite beverage. I made these with Basic Grey paper and embellishments except for the twine and the black paper.  It was a scrap out of a friend's stash.

These were not difficult to make, and I love how they have very different personalities to them.  They stay on the stem well.  I stole the idea from ones that were at the Wine S store by my house, but they were ugly, and you could write on them.  It would be easy to pen names or use letters to label them, but I liked a simpler look. 

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

MWM Topaz #5

Look at my beautiful girl. Who can believe that this little three year old is now six and a half.  She was such a doll then, and is now.  She is the funniest, kindest-hearted, toughest kid I know.  We took this picture in San Marcos, Texas at Wonder World.  Wonder World has a cave, a tower, a slanty house, and this train ride.  It was a lovely time.  She liked the train the best.  We saw peacocks and goats.  I miss my little doll baby, but I love my amazing big girl.