Monday, January 30, 2012

Love My Tech

Authentique Sketch Challenge

Papers from splendid and gathering

Hero to me

Another Mid Week Mojo. This week's sketch matched this picture I've meant to scrap for a couple of years.

My Grandad is my hero. He dropped out in 3rd grade, but is the smartest man I know. He grew up poor, the salvation army gave him shoes, and when he married my Grandma, he brought one box of things. She kept waiting for him to move in, and finally asked when he was going to bring his stuff, to which he simply answered, "I did".

They were Okies and sharecroppers, but he wanted better. They bought a fishing lodge in the Texas Hill Country and ran it themselves. He did all the work, and had to stay up on heavy rain nights to keep the dock from anchoring too low and sinking.

I learned to tell a story from him. He can tell a tale completely unbelievable, and you believe every word. It wasn't until I started telling my own that I realized I had learned from the best.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kissing ball redux

Some projects turn out so pretty that it's fun to explore changing them up. I did a second kissing ball for a friend who requested a neutral color scheme with robin egg blue.

I just love how this one turned out too.

Ribbon- May Arts
Paper- Authentique foundation. Journey and Gathering.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kissing Ball

The intern in the office loves to decorate her cubicle for holidays. I thought this would be a sweet gift that fits her personality.

Monday, January 23, 2012


My dearest friend Heather and I craft while our hubbys watch football and our kids play. Yesterday, she decided to make some amazing coasters and asked if I'd play along. I'm always in for a project with Heather. The funny thing about Heather and I is that we are very much inside each other's head. I had been meaning to make coasters for about 6 months.

Of course the project started with a trip to buy tiles. While the tiles were needed, the trip was needed more. We each have spent the last full week stranded in our homes with our wonderful husbands and children, who turned out to be less wonderful in a large dose with no escape. It snowed, then iced, then snowed. On my street each day began with neighbors digging out their cars only to get stuck, spin out, and eventually giving up to return home. Except for the one set of neighbors we helped dig out three times because they had to work. The weather brought a stout dose of cabin fever, so the supply run was a welcome escape.

When we returned, we sat down and began the task of making the coasters, about halfway through, T, Heather's hubby, walked through and surveyed the scene.
"What are you making?"
"You know that's paper, right?"
"It's gonna get wet"
"It's paper" (at this point he calls Greg in to survey the situation.)
"Greg, they're making coasters"
"Cool" (Greg has learned not to question our awesomeness.)
"It's gonna get wet, so are you gonna seal that or something?"
Heather quickly answers "We're sealing it"
"But you need spray or something"
"You mean this spray?" Heather points to the spray can on the table.
Meanwhile, the game does something interesting, and the boys wander back to the TV.

After we have a laugh at the boys, we continued on. The coasters turned out beautifully. Each set turned out to really represent our style. Heather's in the muted pink and and grey paper, and mine in the vibrant hot pink.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Another MWM from If you are looking for great sketches, go to their blog and search MWM. The amazing Kristy Lee is so talented when it comes to designing usable sketches.

I loved putting this one together because the photos caught my daughter's play so well. She's a busy bee and it's hard to capture the energy she has.

Monday, January 16, 2012


My girls are polar opposites. My oldest is carefree, clumsy, and full of unbounded joy. My youngest is reserved, graceful, and precise. The youngest greets the world with a glare, the oldest, a smile.

They went to a local high school auto show and had a glorious time. Orange is the oldest's favorite color and the owner was happy to oblige a snapshot. The outcome of which is this photo which illustrates their contrast so well. They both were happy, but together, their personalities contrast each other so clearly.

The photo I haven't been able to get is the expression of my youngest's grace. She doesn't walk, she dances, and it's hilarious to watch. It is so sweet and lovely. For now, it's just ours to see. So baby, you keep glaring at the world, and share your grace as you see fit.

ATCs Again

I am loving making Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). I enjoy the limitation the size brings. It's a fun challenge to explore an idea or theme on a mini canvas.

For this round, I wanted to touch on an Asian theme. I mixed Kaiser Kraft and Crate Paper patterned papers with some black and white cardstock elements.

I like keeping a hand designed element on my cards, so I used a white Signo pen to draw designs on the seals.

To design my ATCs, I sketched out some ideas to get an idea for proportion and layout. I had decided to make these cards limited to stash items, and the Kaiser paper was one I loved, and it fit perfectly with the theme. The Crate Paper was left over from a layout, and was literally lying there when I was trying to put things together, which was a happy mess. I used my sketch to finalize the idea and made a prototype. Once it was fleshed out the rest of the series were created assembly style.

My best friend

Heather is my best friend. This layout is a tribute to our friendship. This post is a nod to her, but there's a secret. This sweet layout has an evil side...

"You're my best friend. If you fall I will pick you up." What a true sentiment. We've been there for each other in good and bad, and overcome some huge obstacles together. But, this layout is not about that.

Page two reads "as soon as I get done laughing." Wait! Where's page two you ask? Well, I had to pinky swear not to post it online.

Heather and I went on a trip to Utah. It was a great few days, and we were happy, tired, and glad to be home. As we waited for our bags at the carousel at Sea-Tac, Heather decides to take a seat on her luggage. Her rolling luggage. Apparently, rolling luggage is aptly named, as it does in fact, roll. This makes for a very poor choice on Heather's part, because as soon as she sits, it rolls, and she's on her ass at the baggage claim at Sea-Tac.

Now, a friend would help you up. A good friend would throw themselves on the ground to draw attention away from their embarrassed friend. I am neither of those things. What I find fit to do in my friend's moment of need is pull out my phone and snap a few pics all while laughing hysterically. Now, the baggage claim is full of families, and grandmas, and people far less horrible than yours truly. These people immediately did not like me. The air hung charged with the anticipation for Heather to tell me off. Their voyeurism rewarded with her looking at me "Are you KIDDING me?" and then busting up laughing.

There's a reason Heather us my best friend. She gets me.

Snow Day!

I used Authentique Journey for this layout of Greg. I just love him grinning with the girls playing behind him in the snow.

My little one hated snow and cold, and could barely be drug outside by her older sister wildly professing her love for the winter scene. B would be out for a minute or two and then beg to go inside. A, however would be happiest staying outside until her fingers are completely numb.

Greg loves his little girls and indulge me by taking them out while I make the crew homemade hot cocoa. Our house is rarely calm and these brief moments in front of the fire with cocoa make me feel blessed. I love our crazy life, it makes the sweet moments so special.

Garnet #5

I just loved putting together this layout from summer. Our dear friends went with us to Idaho, and we stopped in Ellensburg, WA on the way. My daughter and Heather hammed it up together for a quick photo. Our families had so much fun together. I feel blessed to have such amazing friends. What makes your friends special?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year

A new year always is a time to take stock, appreciate what you have, and make plans to change what you don't like about your life. I struggle with resolutions because it seems like a recipe to fail. As you know, I'm not afraid to fail, but I'd like to be smarter about my goals this year.

I think my biggest problem is keeping momentum when life gets in the way. 2011 definitely found ways to give me lots of excuses, and ultimately, that's what they are. Instead of focusing on the negative, I'd like to share some of the wins in my failures.

- I walked a 5k. All of it. I'm not to pretend I am hard core, but the course looped across the finish line, and it would have been easy to stop, but I didn't.

- I got my crafty, artistic life awakened. I turned away from it when I had a rough patch, and it was a loss. This year, I sketched, painted, drew, scrapped, and learned to crochet. I am so grateful for the renewal of my artistic side.

- I am slightly more organized than last year. It isn't perfect, but it's better, and that's something.

- I lost a little weight. Enough for my pants not to fit. That's pretty cool.

- I've learned to try and let go of negativity and embrace positivity.

- I've made an effort to make sure the girls are in swim lessons, and they love it. We only missed when Cakes had a school concert.

Small wins. But mine. All mine.