Monday, June 18, 2012

Stuff I use on my Layouts

Here is a review of a pen I use often on my layouts, the Stablio Point 88.  Can an $.88 pen be a useful crafting tool? Here are some projects I have done with the point 88.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Born this way

My youngest loves the song "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga. She sings it all the time, and begs me to play it on the iPod.

The song truly fits her. She is so particular and precise as she goes about her day, she can only be herself. She is always steadfast in her actions, even when her friends gets in trouble. I'm not saying she's perfect, because she has a definite view of how the world should be, and if it fails to suit her liking she throws a royal fit.

The thing is, if I ask how she was if I wasn't around the answer is always "She was Budgie" and I know exactly what that means. I adore that about her. She was born this way.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Journaling Prompt: Summer days make me...

It's time for another journaling prompt. Today is a beautiful almost summer day.  Here's my go at the prompt.

Summer days make me...

Crazy.  Something about the heat and sun in downtown Olympia fills the streets with oddities, curios, and the buzz of a burgeoning freak show.  Don't get me wrong, something about the brightness and the heat bring out the need of the street goers to celebrate their inner selves. Among the many amazing things I have seen in Olympia, here are my favorites:
  • Numerous shoulder cat walkers.
  • Camouflage outfit guy with a tail
  • Tutu guy who dances in the park
  • Hula hoops girl (many hoops at once)
  • Solo kung foo fighter, who sadly, loses every time.
  • Street kids, so hipster it hurts
  • Homeless guy yard sale
  • Pro-Pot advocates passed out with their signs in the park
When the scales tip, and the streets become a festival of strange, I find it fascinating and maddening, but mostly confusing.  I ponder the larger questions. How does one train a cat to sit on your shoulder? Why does camo guy have a tail, and what would happen if I pulled it? Why are you dancing in the park with a tutu? How can you have 4 hula hoops going and still walk? Who are you fighting with, and why do you always lose? Street kids, why do you think I am dumb enough to believe you live on the streets? I come here every day for work, and I am quite familiar with who spends their time on the streets, the real homeless are outside no matter what the weather. Is it cool to pretend to be homeless? Where did the homeless guy get the stuff for the yard sale, and why was I so impressed with this venture? Really potheads? Standing up with your signs was too much?

I love Olympia, but some days it is just crazy.