Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guest Blogger: Scrapbook Steals.com!

I am so excited to get to share a How To’sday tutorial on ScrapbookSteals! Let’s weave some fun into a couple of layouts!
First Weave Idea–

  • Grab three pieces of cardstock. Two to weave and one to use as a base.
  • Cut the same size strips of your weaving cardstock. I did one inch, but any size works.
  • Gently tack down the very edge of a set of your strips, alternating the end you tack down.

  • Start to weave the other card stock over the tacked down piece and under the loose piece. Then alternate the over under and continue across the page. You need to tighten your weave as you go.
  • Once you’ve finished, tack down your loose ends and trim the edges if needed.
  • Cover the top edge with a border and design your page!
Second weave idea-
Every little kid has done this, but a redo is great for a hidden journaling element on a page.
  • First, cut two rectangles.
  • Next fold them in half and trim the edge to a half circle.
  • Cut even size strips from the bottom fold to just past the width of the paper when laid across at 90 degrees. I cheated and used a pattern paper with lines so I could free hand the cuts. I stacked my papers so the cuts would match.
  • This part is hard to explain. Think of the bands of paper as arms, and they’re giving bear hugs, (you know when someone grabs you around the arms and you can’t move?) alternate the bands around and through each other. As you go, it gets tighter, so be patient.
  • When you’re done, you should have a heart basket that you can punch or cut hearts into for a hidden journal pocket.
I hope you loved my weaving magic!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Weaving- My process.

Sometimes when I finish a layout, I get asked how I came up with that.

This layout was inspired from the weaving on baskets, and another take on the quilting idea.  The idea had been tossing around in my head for a bit,so I decided to give it a go with this sweet picture of my snuggly girlie.

I wanted to contrast two patterned papers against each other, and still try to keep the cohesiveness of the two.  When I finished, the edges weren't what I hoped they would be, so I framed the weaving with a 1 1/2 inch border, and angle cut the edges at a 45 degree angle to give it a finished look.

With just the weaving and the frame, the layout was too much for that photo.  I selected a blue mat to contrast with the pink, and that helped the photo some, but not enough.

I added the flowers to help anchor the picture into the layout.  The weaving made the layout "busy" so I had to balance that with larger embellishments.  When I was fussy cutting the paper, there were not a lot of whole flowers, so I added some scallop punches.  On a couple of them, I copied the patterned paper by tracing some circles in the middle of the scallop and adding dots around the edges.

Ultimately, I ended up with this layout, which is one I adore.  I hope you like it too.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Take on Quilting

I wanted to try the quliting trend, but I wanted a unique look to my layout.  I stumbled across a lazy log house quilt square pattern on Pinterest, and the inspiration for this page was born.  I adore how the paper and the picture work together to create a square.  I also adore the contrast of the warm/cool colors on this layout and the sunshine feel it gives, mirroring the sun/shade contrast in the photo.

What has inspired you lately?

Friday, May 11, 2012


I adore May Arts ribbon. Here are my favorite projects using ribbon. I love how ribbon adds a classy and fun touch to any project, and can change the personality of a piece. Of course I couldn't pass up a try for a Design Team Spot! Wish me luck! And if you are applying too, then share your link!


How to with May Arts Ribbon

Enjoy this kissing ball how to. It feels like cheating because this project is super simple, but time consuming. Before you get started, check your supply list, and gather your patience. This one takes a while, but is worth it!
  • Styrofoam Ball
  • Floral Pins (100-300 depending on your ball)
  • Double Sided Paper- I used Authentique
  • Flower Punch(es)

Once you have your supplies, decide which paper is going to be your base, and if you are doing a double flower, which will be your top. Punch out a bunch of flowers. This ball was 5 1/2 inches, and it took over 300 flowers.
I punched all my flowers and placed them in a container to hold them.
Place your styrofoam ball on top of a glass, so it does not roll around.
Pin down your ribbon. The amount of pins may be overkill, but that ribbon isn’t going anywhere.
Expect your little helpers to stop by during the process. I suggest markers as a distraction.
Once you have your flower supply, place your smaller flower on top of your larger flower. Then, pin it to your styrofoam ball.
Circle the flowers around your first flower, and continue around the ball. Try to cover all the foam. Repeat until your ball is covered, and remember to cover the pins that are holding in the ribbon and the ribbon edges.
“Fluff” your ball by squeezing the flowers around the pin to give more dimension. Pull some of the flowers above the others and adjust the placement. If there is foam showing, add a fluffed flower to cover the area.
Add a bow to the riboon, and amaze your recipient.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{for you}

This layout is of my oldest at Christmas a few years ago. I used some old Basic Grey Collections for the paper.

Misty Buck created this awesome sketch for www.scrapbooksteals.com. I loved how it allowed me to crop the photos to feature my Daughter's joy for the holiday.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Journaling prompt- today I'd rather

Today I'd Rather

Thinking about what you would rather do allows you to explore.  Would you rather be somewhere else? What would you rather be doing? Something you do normally, or some grand adventure you have been planning?  Would you rather be working toward a goal? What is difficult about now? Why would you rather be doing something other than what you are doing?  Why are you wasting time on something you don’t want to do?

I’m sharing my go on this journaling prompt here… please share yours!

Today I’d rather take a nap.  I am not usually a huge nap person, but last night I awoke just after 2am and was unable to drift back to sleep.  My restlessness woke my husband, which lead to a lovely late night conversation that reminded me of our days dating.  I always enjoy talking to him, and it seems we rarely get an opportunity to just talk.  Daily life gets bogged down in stress, children, chores, and to-dos.  The beauty of a late night chat is there is very little one can do without disrupting the household, and it is rare to have a partner in the wee hours of the morning with which to converse. It was a glorious gift, and I am gracious for the time with my husband, however today… I’d rather nap.