Monday, October 17, 2011

Free as a bird

Check out this amazing LO of Budge I did using Authentique. The papers are from the Gathering and Free Bird collections.

Free Bird papers
Warmth Cream Quit Wreath: FBS130
Familiar Multicolor paisley: FBS121
Comfort Multicolor Dot: FBS108

Gathering papers

I had the amazing opportunity to meet Bret, Samantha, and Melodee from the Authentique team. We were able to convince Melodee to drive us to their warehouse for a tour after her awesome paper bag album class this weekend. Everyone from the Authentique team is so incredibly warm and nice. We drove out well after 7pm and were greeted enthusiastically by Samantha and Bret. I kept waiting for the "polite" to wear off, as I could not imagine anyone being that nice for real. However, after quite a while, I realized that they are truly kind people passionate about their work.

The Authentique team works out of a warehouse space that is in two fronts that are split by a parking lot. The office front looks like any industrial area, nondescript and rectangular. Their offices are marked simply with the logo on the glass door. The plain exterior does not prepare a visitor for the warm interior of their office. The walls are a rich mocha, and it is decorated simply with dark wooden furniture and comfy chairs in a seating area. The walls display framed printer's proofs of recent paper lines, and several displays are loaded with newest collections. Samantha and Melodee recounted admiringly how Bret hand makes and paints each display.

Behind the office is a workroom, above which is the "man cave" where Bret and the team sneak away for naps when long hours catch up with them.
Through a small door put in so the team could avoid walking outside in the rain to get to the other side, pallets of Authentiqe boxes sit waiting for delivery. The next room holds stacks of paper packs organized by collection. This room smells incredible from the aroma of new paper There is a design room, behind which is a workroom with racks on the wall which are hand filled by the team and wrapped for delivery to your local scrapbook store. Melodee jokes about how the fun wears off filling them late nights during busy times. Across the lot, a meeting space and offices are being decorated and set up.

Samantha and Bret spoke glowingly about Tara, the designer. They also detailed how their products are printed locally, and that the weight of the paper is largely due to their choice to use USA printers. In a world where so much is outsourced, it was flooring to see a company using local companies
Bret showed us a flyer printed for distributors with authentic excitement.

I have never felt more welcomed or appreciated by a company. Thank you so much for sharing your life's work with me, it was one of the best experiences of the weekend.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


What to do when you have to wrap a gift on the fly with no paper? Punch two holes in a brown bag an tie with twine. Works great for male recipients. Simple is sometimes best.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I am Topaz!

I have completed all 10 sketches for Topaz on ScrapbookSteals

The mundane

The glaziers are chatting about appropriate labor estimates and the low murmur of a country station twangs in the background. Sitting bored on a Monday morning, I sip my Starbucks and listen to the cars drive by the waiting room window. The damp grey day causes a mist to follow the passing cars. Meanwhile, The angry thoughts of paying for a new windshield are interrupted by the shatter of glass in the shop. I see a garbage truck go by and internally curse, because this particular crack was courtesy of the city waste department. I tried to have it repaired in summer, and I bought myself time until the weather cooled and I needed to defog my window. I sat an watched the crack climb upward, then race across the windshield.

I don't know if I am grateful for the lazy start to Monday, as I am now pointedly late to work, or if I am irritated at the inconvenience. I think I'm settling into appreciation of the loud quiet, and the fact that no one here wants anything from me but a credit card.

What mundane story can you tell?