Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have the worst time making cards. I am never happy how they turn out. Maybe it's because I have always gotten Hallmark cards, or maybe it is because I feel like a hack compared to the talented ladies I see online or on pinterest.

The thing is, almost every card my husband has given me he has made. It all started our first Valentines when I asked if he was going to do anything at 9 pm. He hadn't done anything because I said not to buy overpriced roses, because I used to work for a grocer and would watch the price jump from $10 to $40 for the exact same roses for Valentine's Day. He took that to mean don't do anything. The next morning, he snuck off and made a card out of a sheet of legal paper.

For our anniversary yesterday, he cut a heart card out of some of my card stock, and the three-year tradition continues. It really is sweet, I asked what he would do if I wanted a bought card, and he replied "Stop at Target on the way home." I suppose you can't fix last minute.

Paper: Authentique Free bird


Time for sleep is not a happy time with Budgie.  She is so happy to be awake that trying to get her to relax is an impossible task, every day.  Her lovely teacher, Mrs. Pam, snuck these pictures of her avoiding naptime.  Sometimes, an expression says everything, and her little smirk in the top picture really makes me laugh at the futility of putting her down to rest, and her little pout on the bottom picture really reflects her distaste for the entire notion of going to bed, whatever the time may be.  Apparently, my baby likes to wear her heart on her face, and her thoughts aren't far from her little, bright eyes. 

Paper: Authentique Delightful.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I used this print ad as the inspiration for this layout. I loved the flowers and geometric pieces, and they adapted well to a scrapbook page. I feel the layout compliments my little ones spin at the playground well.

Authentique Paper: Splendid, Free Bird, and Journey.

Our 3rd Anniversary

Creating something for the purpose of giving it to someone sometimes makes the process of creating easier. The emotions, memories, and thoughts you have around that person brings a depth of history to the creating process. I share this collage canvas because it captures a simple statement, a moment and celebrates my 3rd anniversary. A simple gift, a heartfelt gift, for my love. I used Authentique Celebrate, Free Bird, and Uncommon for the papers, and this little canvas says a lot without actually saying it. 
The background is a floral, but it looks a little like the large snowflakes that fell after our wedding, large and wet, which was a perfect ending to our day. The flowers remind me of the way he was always working in the yard when I would stop by, him wearing a cowboy hat and cursing at not being able to tell the difference between the weeds and the flowers.  They also remind me of the statment he made to me after we had been dating for some time, "I've been known to give flowers." The funny thing was, he may have been known for it, but had never given any to me.  To this day, I have recieved flowers from him once.  We still laugh about that. He told me he loved me the first time by saying "I could fall in love with you." The photo, taken at the swap meet, really captures the fun we have together, no matter the setting.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, I am looking forward to many more.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today is a chilly, rainy day in Western WA.  So I think I need some inspiration, and I would love to share it will all of you!  So here are three inspiring things to me:

Heritage Art Palette:
What a cool little palette for watercolors or Acrylics.  I picked up one of these at Daniel Smith last week, and I am smitten.  The wells are a great size for watermedia and the case is sturdy, so I don't dump all my paint on myself, which shockingly is known to happen.

Dr. Martens 1940 Boots
Ok, so I never got over high school, at least fashion.  I still love Docs, and Birks, and I am still ever so sad Chanel discontinued Vamp Lipstick.  A friend likes to tease me that it isn't good I like the same lipstick from high school.  Am I the Blue Eye shadow lady who never let go?  NOOO! It cannot be. Can it?  As I wallow in self doubt, I should at least have some shin-kicking boots that are truly a classic. 

Lavender Essential Oil
I adore the essential oil burner my stepson brought over and Lavender and Peppermint are my favorite crafty smells.  I love it when the house smells like a spa, and I get to craft.