Monday, April 30, 2012

My creative process-- ATCs

It is time to work on another set of Artist Trading Cards, and this time, I thought I would share my design process here.  Looking at the end product that someone shows is lovely, but a lot may be learned from the struggle that an artist goes through to create.

This set of cards is themed “Spring”, although I always use the theme very loosely.  This round is a little bittersweet because the group that I have participated in ATCs with had some upheaval, and I stepped away in the process. That leaves me with a group of people I love and dearly miss, with a melancholy feeling around the situation as a whole.  That and spring are divergent ideas at first glance.

In looking for something common between the two ideas, I find myself drawn to “hope”, “wish” or “growth”.  Both hope and growth fit nicely with a spring theme, so I am narrowing my card theme down to those two.  Flowers and blooming align with either, so I am going to look at my papers/embellishments/resources to see what it have.  I also want to include a hand-designed piece, so I am searching for a transparency to see if I can add a home-made rub on to the mix. 
Now with a theme, and an idea rumbling around, I am going to look at my resources, and see what I can do...
How do you start a project?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rosette Gifts

I am the luckiest person to be able to work with amazing support staff. For Adnimistrative professional's week, I made each of them a rosette. I was excited to see how lovely they turned out.I used a Marths Stewart Scoring board, and a butter knife to create the rosettes. I lost my scoring tool, and a butter knife is the closest substitute I have found. I used Authentique Blissful, free bird, and Gathering paper. The ribbon is May Arts and American Craft.Please comment if you like!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thinking of trying out a craft fair as a vendor?

 haven't gotten the bug to try my hand at becoming a craft fair vendor. However, my dear friend is, and she was given this article which is so enlightening about how to get involved in craft fairs.

Some of the best gems from this article:

·         If you are just starting out, don’t pay more than $75/table

·         Visit fairs first to get a feel for the clientele to find the right fit for you

·         Price Everything

·         Have candy

·         Spend some time designing your table

I am amazed by the insight that Mermaids Closet shares in this article.  If you are considering trying to be a craft fair vendor, arm yourself with this article and do your homework!

Good Luck!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mid week mojo

This sweet little layout comes from my daughter's love for the chipmunks. She loves the "chip wrecked" movie and they sing kum-ba-yah. She bursts into song often, and she sings this song in her sweet little voice.

"kum-ba- ya my whore", and I die. Die laughing, and die because she is so articulate that she doesn't mispronounce words, so she's hearing "whore". I certainly hope she doesn't have a definition for whore.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Journaling Prompt: Grey is my favorite color

Sometimes, coming up with the inspiration for a page can be extremely difficult.  Whether it is an artist's journal, a scrapbook page, or a diary, just starting the writing can be a challenge.  Today, I am beginning a weekly feature to help you jump start your creative process. 
What is your favorite color?
What is a title you can use with that color?
Ticked Pink
It was all Yellow
Orange you glad?
Why is this your favorite color?
What memories do you have of the color?
What does the color make you feel?

So here's my go at this week's Journaling Prompt:

Grey is my favorite color.
I felt so symbolic, yesterday (Counting Crows, Mr. Jones). Living in Western Washington you must embrace the grey, or surrender to the gloom that the filtered light brings in the long fall and winter months. My favorite grey is the sky in a deep steel, where the trees and the buildings look striking against the angry air. 

My favorite sweaters have always been grey.  I love the nip of cool air against a warm sweater and a well-loved pair of jeans.  The outfit is perfect for a fall walk where the wet trees drip in the breeze and shower the ground with crimson leaves.  A cup of hot coffee or tea is a welcome treat during an urban stroll along the avenue or after a trail exploration.

The Pacific Ocean flows in the full range of grey, and the foggy mist dulls the landscape into muted greens and browns.  I adore how the waves crash unforgivingly on the rocks, and how the sound of the ocean is enough to drown out the thoughts of my ever busy mind.  There is rarely release from the racing of my thoughts, so the ocean is a welcome harbor of peace.

So much beauty lies in grey.  Grey brings the beauty out of so much.  I hope that I am like grey.