Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I love this layout of Oktoberfest last year.  The postcard is of the festival girl who swings above the crowd.  Our husbands thought she was hot, so of course we had to take advantage of their Oktoberfest state.

"That's a man" I point out 
"No.  She's hot" Greg answers
"Really? Then why is she like 7 feet tall?" I ask
"She's in heels" He answers as he and his buddy continue to revel in her awesome hotness.
"Well, look at her name MAN-uela HORN? Come on! That's a drag name!" I jab the postcard accusingly.
"Oh No!!! It is a man" (insert disgusted guy noises)

Now Manuela Horn is not a man based upon her profile on her website.  I publicly apologize for slandering (and now libeling) her good name. She was a lovely swing girl at Oktoberfest, and I would feel privileged to see her at another festival.  If she visits your neck of the woods, you should go see her.  She was great, but if your spouse thinks she's hot, go with the "MAN-uela" argument. 

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