Monday, August 29, 2011

Paper Flowers

It seems like 20's style headbands are everywhere, and paper flowers are everywhere in scrapbooking. Look at my beautiful girl sitting there so pretty.  She was kind enough to model the paper flower headband I made her.  There is a little iridesence to the flower, which compliments the Basic Grey paper very nicely.  The back of this paper was white (boo!) but their new collections are all two-sided! Yay! 

Trying to get a sweet picutre with Cakes is nearly impossible.  She started out upside down on the steps in her dress.  I had a lovely view of her new panties.  "Cakes! Sit on your bottom!"
"I AM mommy!"
"I meant the right way, not upside down with your underwear showing"
"They aren't showing, I can't see them." as her dress covers her head.  Then we commence with the goofy smiles, and begging to see every picture immediately after taking it. What would she have done in the 80's when you had to wait till it developed?
To make the flower I used a circle template and cut five different size circles.  Then, I cut 1/3 of the way into the circles six times, creating 7 petals.  I rounded the edges of the "corners" of the petals, and then used some watered-down acrylic paint to add some color to the backs, and iridescence to the fronts.  Stack the cirles, adhere, add a beautiful button, and you have a headband!

You can put it on a bag too, but I think that my daughter is cuter!  The first picture was after many goofy faces and me begging her to look the other way!

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