Monday, August 29, 2011

Goomba- AKA the cakes!

I swear that Cakes was put on this green earth to knock me down a peg.

Here is a layout I did with Basic Grey papers.  This is of Cakes, my oldest, in her "tiggerpooh" costume.  Little lady lived in this costume every day, and loved to run in the yard with it.  Everybody thought it was so cute, except mommy!

It was August, and 90 degrees outside, and my goomba daughter wants to wear this hot costume.  So, I looked like a bad mother, letting her swelter in the heat, and she, well she looked like a tiggerpooh. We would go to the grocery store, and people would look at her, laugh and then look at me and glare, as if I was some freakazoid that thought that trick or treat was in August, and that the costume was normal clothing to be worn everywhere.  She continued to wear the costume for months, and slept in it most nights, by Halloween, it looked like a hand-me down.  That year, she was too sick to trick or treat, she had her first fever ever.  I spent Halloween with a little tiggerpooh curled up on the recliner sleeping.  The neighbors felt bad and brought her candy.  I'm glad she wore it out everywhere that summer, because she didn't get the chance on Halloweeen.

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