Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have the worst time making cards. I am never happy how they turn out. Maybe it's because I have always gotten Hallmark cards, or maybe it is because I feel like a hack compared to the talented ladies I see online or on pinterest.

The thing is, almost every card my husband has given me he has made. It all started our first Valentines when I asked if he was going to do anything at 9 pm. He hadn't done anything because I said not to buy overpriced roses, because I used to work for a grocer and would watch the price jump from $10 to $40 for the exact same roses for Valentine's Day. He took that to mean don't do anything. The next morning, he snuck off and made a card out of a sheet of legal paper.

For our anniversary yesterday, he cut a heart card out of some of my card stock, and the three-year tradition continues. It really is sweet, I asked what he would do if I wanted a bought card, and he replied "Stop at Target on the way home." I suppose you can't fix last minute.

Paper: Authentique Free bird

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