Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guest Blogger: Scrapbook Steals.com!

I am so excited to get to share a How To’sday tutorial on ScrapbookSteals! Let’s weave some fun into a couple of layouts!
First Weave Idea–

  • Grab three pieces of cardstock. Two to weave and one to use as a base.
  • Cut the same size strips of your weaving cardstock. I did one inch, but any size works.
  • Gently tack down the very edge of a set of your strips, alternating the end you tack down.

  • Start to weave the other card stock over the tacked down piece and under the loose piece. Then alternate the over under and continue across the page. You need to tighten your weave as you go.
  • Once you’ve finished, tack down your loose ends and trim the edges if needed.
  • Cover the top edge with a border and design your page!
Second weave idea-
Every little kid has done this, but a redo is great for a hidden journaling element on a page.
  • First, cut two rectangles.
  • Next fold them in half and trim the edge to a half circle.
  • Cut even size strips from the bottom fold to just past the width of the paper when laid across at 90 degrees. I cheated and used a pattern paper with lines so I could free hand the cuts. I stacked my papers so the cuts would match.
  • This part is hard to explain. Think of the bands of paper as arms, and they’re giving bear hugs, (you know when someone grabs you around the arms and you can’t move?) alternate the bands around and through each other. As you go, it gets tighter, so be patient.
  • When you’re done, you should have a heart basket that you can punch or cut hearts into for a hidden journal pocket.
I hope you loved my weaving magic!


  1. thanks for the ideas - paper weaving is not just for the elementary student!

    My honey likes to make the paper hearts - part of Swedish traditional Christmas tree decorating!

    GREAT JOB!!!!


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