Friday, May 11, 2012

How to with May Arts Ribbon

Enjoy this kissing ball how to. It feels like cheating because this project is super simple, but time consuming. Before you get started, check your supply list, and gather your patience. This one takes a while, but is worth it!
  • Styrofoam Ball
  • Floral Pins (100-300 depending on your ball)
  • Double Sided Paper- I used Authentique
  • Flower Punch(es)

Once you have your supplies, decide which paper is going to be your base, and if you are doing a double flower, which will be your top. Punch out a bunch of flowers. This ball was 5 1/2 inches, and it took over 300 flowers.
I punched all my flowers and placed them in a container to hold them.
Place your styrofoam ball on top of a glass, so it does not roll around.
Pin down your ribbon. The amount of pins may be overkill, but that ribbon isn’t going anywhere.
Expect your little helpers to stop by during the process. I suggest markers as a distraction.
Once you have your flower supply, place your smaller flower on top of your larger flower. Then, pin it to your styrofoam ball.
Circle the flowers around your first flower, and continue around the ball. Try to cover all the foam. Repeat until your ball is covered, and remember to cover the pins that are holding in the ribbon and the ribbon edges.
“Fluff” your ball by squeezing the flowers around the pin to give more dimension. Pull some of the flowers above the others and adjust the placement. If there is foam showing, add a fluffed flower to cover the area.
Add a bow to the riboon, and amaze your recipient.


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