Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Journaling prompt- today I'd rather

Today I'd Rather

Thinking about what you would rather do allows you to explore.  Would you rather be somewhere else? What would you rather be doing? Something you do normally, or some grand adventure you have been planning?  Would you rather be working toward a goal? What is difficult about now? Why would you rather be doing something other than what you are doing?  Why are you wasting time on something you don’t want to do?

I’m sharing my go on this journaling prompt here… please share yours!

Today I’d rather take a nap.  I am not usually a huge nap person, but last night I awoke just after 2am and was unable to drift back to sleep.  My restlessness woke my husband, which lead to a lovely late night conversation that reminded me of our days dating.  I always enjoy talking to him, and it seems we rarely get an opportunity to just talk.  Daily life gets bogged down in stress, children, chores, and to-dos.  The beauty of a late night chat is there is very little one can do without disrupting the household, and it is rare to have a partner in the wee hours of the morning with which to converse. It was a glorious gift, and I am gracious for the time with my husband, however today… I’d rather nap.

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