Monday, January 16, 2012

My best friend

Heather is my best friend. This layout is a tribute to our friendship. This post is a nod to her, but there's a secret. This sweet layout has an evil side...

"You're my best friend. If you fall I will pick you up." What a true sentiment. We've been there for each other in good and bad, and overcome some huge obstacles together. But, this layout is not about that.

Page two reads "as soon as I get done laughing." Wait! Where's page two you ask? Well, I had to pinky swear not to post it online.

Heather and I went on a trip to Utah. It was a great few days, and we were happy, tired, and glad to be home. As we waited for our bags at the carousel at Sea-Tac, Heather decides to take a seat on her luggage. Her rolling luggage. Apparently, rolling luggage is aptly named, as it does in fact, roll. This makes for a very poor choice on Heather's part, because as soon as she sits, it rolls, and she's on her ass at the baggage claim at Sea-Tac.

Now, a friend would help you up. A good friend would throw themselves on the ground to draw attention away from their embarrassed friend. I am neither of those things. What I find fit to do in my friend's moment of need is pull out my phone and snap a few pics all while laughing hysterically. Now, the baggage claim is full of families, and grandmas, and people far less horrible than yours truly. These people immediately did not like me. The air hung charged with the anticipation for Heather to tell me off. Their voyeurism rewarded with her looking at me "Are you KIDDING me?" and then busting up laughing.

There's a reason Heather us my best friend. She gets me.

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  1. I love you too!!!! And this is still hilarious. The trouble we get ourselves into!


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