Monday, January 16, 2012


My girls are polar opposites. My oldest is carefree, clumsy, and full of unbounded joy. My youngest is reserved, graceful, and precise. The youngest greets the world with a glare, the oldest, a smile.

They went to a local high school auto show and had a glorious time. Orange is the oldest's favorite color and the owner was happy to oblige a snapshot. The outcome of which is this photo which illustrates their contrast so well. They both were happy, but together, their personalities contrast each other so clearly.

The photo I haven't been able to get is the expression of my youngest's grace. She doesn't walk, she dances, and it's hilarious to watch. It is so sweet and lovely. For now, it's just ours to see. So baby, you keep glaring at the world, and share your grace as you see fit.

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