Monday, January 30, 2012

Hero to me

Another Mid Week Mojo. This week's sketch matched this picture I've meant to scrap for a couple of years.

My Grandad is my hero. He dropped out in 3rd grade, but is the smartest man I know. He grew up poor, the salvation army gave him shoes, and when he married my Grandma, he brought one box of things. She kept waiting for him to move in, and finally asked when he was going to bring his stuff, to which he simply answered, "I did".

They were Okies and sharecroppers, but he wanted better. They bought a fishing lodge in the Texas Hill Country and ran it themselves. He did all the work, and had to stay up on heavy rain nights to keep the dock from anchoring too low and sinking.

I learned to tell a story from him. He can tell a tale completely unbelievable, and you believe every word. It wasn't until I started telling my own that I realized I had learned from the best.

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